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Biobased Personal Care

Sourced from high starch crops, Polylactic Acids are excellent for scrubs and other personal care applications.

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Combine Benefits to Stand Out

Go beyond performance by combining unique aesthetic benefits to sun care products.


End-Use Applications

Asensa products work with all your applications for exfoliating cleansers, gels, balms, color cosmetics and more.



    Biobased Personal Care

    Polylactic Acids are a biobased biopolymer option for exfoliators and pressed powders.

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    Combine Benefits to Stand Out

    Skin care and sun care should not be exclusive. Pair benefits together to create better formulations.

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    Honeywell Asensa® Personal Care Additives

    A sense of confidence: a powder cooler and smoother to the touch, a wash that warms the face while exfoliating, a fragrance with no chemical scent, a pressed powder that doesn’t shatter when dropped – Honeywell’s Asensa® additives enhance personal care products.

    Offered in a diverse array of compositions, properties and particle sizes, Asensa helps you develop unique personal care product formulations.


    Explore our additives to find the right ingredient for your product.

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    Cool Quench

    Learn more about the Honeywell cold quench method for gelling oils with Asensa® CL 300.

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    Our technical team can help identify the best ingredients for your products.

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